2 Page Climate Change Paper

2 Page Climate Change Paper

2 Page Climate Change Paper

Write a letter to the editor of a widely circulating national or international newspaper. Follow the guidelines for writing a letter to the editor listed on pages 6 and 7 from the ACS (Advocacy and Communication Solutions). There is a PDF on Canvas. Here is the website: http://www.advocacyandcommunication.org/wp-content/themes/acs/docs/resources/tool_and_resources_2015/ACS_Media_Guide-1.pdf (Links to an external site.)


This is attached as a file


Write a 2-page double-spaced opinion piece on why we need to focus on climate change in order to address global health issues and what we should do. Provide clear links between an aspect(s) of climate change, a call to action, and specific health outcomes. Your opinion must incorporate critical medical anthropological approaches (methodology) and perspectives (analytic frameworks) discussed in class material since the midterm (e.g. infectious diseases, chronic diseases, mental health).

Do not simply reiterate the readings from 11/26 on environmental health. Draw from class material to craft your own argument – provide a unique perspective. This is not a feelings statement – do not refer to your feelings. This should be a solid well-argued opinion piece based on evidence.

Writing Guidelines:

  • Quotes: Do not quote. Write in your own words
  • Evidence: Provide specific examples
  • Citations: No Citations needed
  • Font: 12” Times New Roman or Cambria
  • Pages: 1 inch margins, double-spaced
  • Writing: write clearly, precisely, and concisely. Do not make vague assertions and do not exaggerate. Pack in a lot of information. Think carefully about your word choices. Write in the active voice. Support your arguments with evidence (obviously you can not describe all the evidence so figure out what is most pertinent)

615 Words


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