Climate change

By unice10

“How can climate change can be understood as a carbon cycle design and management challenge.” Provide as your assignment the AI essay, and your two-part evaluation responding to the AI essay as outlined above.

The word limit for these AI assignments is 700 words and with 1.5 space. Your critique should consist of two parts. The first part (200 words) will contain information: what AI site did you use (use a free one; there are plenty of those); what exact prompt did you give it; what parameters did you set (e.g., “college level writing,” prose rather than poetry); and did you do more than one run. The second part will consist of your critique of the AI product: what would you change before submitting it, and in general how well do you think the AI did (500 words as mentioned above). Please include the results of the copywriting AI. follow the Rubric