15 of the Best Free Online Academic Help Websites In The World

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 Exploring the Best Free Online Academic Help Websites In The World

In today’s digital age, students have a wealth of resources at their fingertips to aid them in their academic pursuits. From online tutorials to interactive study platforms, the internet offers a plethora of opportunities for students to enhance their learning experiences. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to discern which websites offer the most reliable and effective assistance. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore some of the best free online academic help websites, spanning various subjects and disciplines, to assist students in finding the resources they need to succeed.

 Exploring the Best Free Online Academic Help Websites In The World

Khan Academy

Khan Academy stands as a pioneer in the realm of free online education, offering a wide array of resources across multiple subjects. Founded with the mission to provide a world-class education for anyone, anywhere, Khan Academy offers instructional videos, practice exercises, and personalized learning dashboards. From mathematics and science to humanities and test preparation, Khan Academy covers a vast range of topics suitable for students of all ages and academic levels. The platform’s interactive approach to learning, coupled with its user-friendly interface, makes it a popular choice among students seeking academic assistance.


Coursera has emerged as a leading provider of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), partnering with top universities and organizations worldwide to offer high-quality educational content. While many courses on Coursera require payment for certification, the platform also provides free access to course materials, including lectures, quizzes, and assignments. With offerings spanning disciplines such as computer science, business, health, and the humanities, Coursera caters to a diverse range of academic interests. Additionally, Coursera’s specialization tracks allow students to delve deeper into specific subjects, providing a structured learning path for those seeking in-depth knowledge.


Similar to Coursera, edX offers a vast selection of online courses from universities and institutions around the globe. Founded by Harvard University and MIT, edX provides access to courses covering a broad spectrum of subjects, including engineering, language arts, and social sciences. While some courses on edX require payment for certification, the platform offers audit tracks that allow students to access course materials for free. Additionally, edX features MicroMasters programs and professional certificates designed to enhance skills and credentials in various fields, making it a valuable resource for both academic and professional development.

 MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) exemplifies the spirit of open access to education by providing free access to course materials from MIT’s undergraduate and graduate-level courses. With a vast repository of lecture notes, assignments, and exams, MIT OCW offers unparalleled insight into some of the world’s most prestigious academic programs. While the courses do not typically include interactive elements or instructor feedback, they serve as valuable resources for self-directed learners seeking to explore advanced topics or supplement their studies. MIT OCW covers a wide range of disciplines, including engineering, humanities, and natural sciences, making it a valuable resource for students across various fields of study.


TED-Ed offers a unique approach to online learning through its collection of educational videos, animations, and lessons created by educators and animators around the world. With a focus on fostering curiosity and critical thinking, TED-Ed covers a diverse range of topics, from history and literature to science and technology. Each lesson on TED-Ed is accompanied by comprehension questions, additional resources, and discussion topics, allowing students to engage deeply with the material. Moreover, TED-Ed’s platform enables educators to customize lessons and create interactive learning experiences tailored to their students’ needs, making it a versatile tool for both classroom instruction and independent study.

 Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha stands out as a unique resource in the realm of online academic help, offering computational knowledge engine capabilities that provide answers to factual queries and solve mathematical problems. Unlike traditional search engines, Wolfram Alpha computes responses based on structured data, making it particularly useful for generating step-by-step solutions to mathematical equations, performing statistical analyses, and exploring scientific concepts. While Wolfram Alpha does not offer comprehensive instructional materials, its computational capabilities make it an invaluable tool for students seeking instant assistance with quantitative problems across various disciplines, including mathematics, physics, and engineering.


GitHub serves as a collaborative platform for software development, but it also offers valuable resources for students and educators in the fields of computer science and programming. With a vast repository of open-source projects and educational materials, GitHub provides opportunities for students to explore code samples, collaborate on projects, and participate in programming communities. Additionally, GitHub offers free access to its Student Developer Pack, which includes tools and resources from various technology companies, such as cloud computing credits, development tools, and learning resources. Whether students are learning to code for the first time or honing their programming skills, GitHub offers a wealth of resources to support their journey.

 Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a treasure trove of literary classics and historical texts, offering over 60,000 free ebooks in the public domain. Founded with the mission to digitize and preserve cultural works for future generations, Project Gutenberg provides access to a diverse collection of literature, including novels, plays, poetry, and non-fiction works. Students can explore literary masterpieces from various time periods and cultures, enriching their understanding of literature and history. Moreover, Project Gutenberg’s ebooks are available in multiple formats, making them accessible on a wide range of devices, from computers to e-readers, ensuring that students can engage with the material anytime, anywhere.

 Google Scholar

Google Scholar serves as a powerful tool for academic research, providing access to scholarly articles, theses, books, and court opinions from various disciplines. With its vast database of academic publications, Google Scholar enables students to search for relevant literature, explore citations, and access full-text articles from reputable sources. Additionally, Google Scholar offers advanced search features, citation metrics, and personalized recommendations, allowing students to streamline their research process and discover new sources of information. Whether students are writing research papers, conducting literature reviews, or exploring new topics, Google Scholar offers a wealth of scholarly resources to support their academic endeavors.

 Homeworks Montana

Homeworks Montana offers a comprehensive suite of study tools designed to help students master course material through flashcards, quizzes, and interactive games. With millions of user-generated study sets covering a wide range of subjects and topics, Homeworks Montana provides a dynamic platform for learning and review. Students can create their own flashcards or choose from existing sets, customize study modes to suit their learning preferences, and track their progress over time. Moreover, Homeworks Montana collaborative features enable students to study with classmates, share study materials, and engage in group activities, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Whether students are preparing for exams, learning new vocabulary, or reviewing concepts, Homeworks Montana offers a versatile and effective tool for academic success.

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The internet offers a wealth of free resources to support students in their academic endeavors. From comprehensive online courses to interactive study tools and scholarly databases, these websites provide valuable assistance across various subjects and disciplines. By leveraging these resources effectively, students can enhance their learning experiences, expand their knowledge, and achieve academic success. Whether students are seeking help with mathematics, science, humanities, or programming, the best free online academic help websites offer something for everyone, empowering learners to reach their full potential. To have your assignment completed by professional tutors in homeworksmontana please click here


Duolingo has revolutionized language learning with its gamified approach and user-friendly platform. Offering courses in over 30 languages, Duolingo provides interactive lessons that cover vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. The platform utilizes a combination of listening, speaking, and writing exercises to engage learners and reinforce language skills. Duolingo’s adaptive learning algorithm tracks users’ progress and adjusts lesson difficulty accordingly, ensuring personalized learning experiences. Moreover, Duolingo offers a mobile app that allows students to practice language skills on the go, making language learning accessible anytime, anywhere. Whether students are beginners or advanced learners, Duolingo offers a fun and effective way to learn new languages for free.

 Crash Course

Crash Course offers a series of educational YouTube channels featuring engaging video content on a wide range of subjects, including history, science, literature, and philosophy. Created by the Green brothers, Crash Course videos condense complex topics into digestible segments, providing an overview of key concepts and ideas. Each Crash Course series is hosted by knowledgeable hosts who deliver content with humor and enthusiasm, making learning entertaining and accessible. In addition to core subject areas, Crash Course offers videos on study skills, test preparation, and academic success strategies, providing valuable resources for students looking to improve their learning techniques.

 Academic Earth

Academic Earth aggregates online courses and lectures from top universities and scholars, offering free access to educational content across various disciplines. The platform features video lectures, course materials, and academic resources curated from institutions such as MIT, Stanford, Yale, and Harvard. Academic Earth’s extensive course catalog covers subjects ranging from mathematics and computer science to psychology and economics, catering to a diverse range of academic interests. Moreover, Academic Earth offers curated playlists and learning pathways designed to guide students through structured learning experiences, making it a valuable resource for self-directed learners seeking to deepen their understanding of complex topics.

 Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is an educational platform specifically designed for young learners, offering interactive activities, games, and lessons across subjects such as math, reading, and social-emotional development. Developed in collaboration with early childhood experts, Khan Academy Kids provides a safe and engaging learning environment for children ages 2 to 7. The platform features colorful animations, voice-guided instructions, and adaptive learning experiences tailored to each child’s pace and level of understanding. Khan Academy Kids also offers progress tracking and parent dashboards, allowing caregivers to monitor their child’s learning journey and provide additional support as needed.

 YouTube Edu

YouTube Edu aggregates educational content from a wide range of creators, educators, and organizations, offering free access to thousands of videos on academic subjects, study tips, and learning strategies. From TED-Ed animations to Crash Course lectures, YouTube Edu features channels dedicated to mathematics, science, literature, history, and more. In addition to traditional academic subjects, YouTube Edu offers videos on skill development, career exploration, and personal growth, providing valuable resources for students navigating their academic and professional journeys. With its vast library of educational content, YouTube Edu serves as a go-to destination for students seeking supplemental learning materials and tutorials.


In summary, when Exploring the Best Free Online Academic Help Websites In The World, the best free online academic help websites offer a diverse range of resources and tools to support students in their learning journeys. From comprehensive online courses and interactive study platforms to scholarly databases and educational videos, these websites provide valuable assistance across various subjects and disciplines. Whether students are seeking help with mathematics, science, humanities, programming, or language learning, these websites offer something for everyone, empowering learners to expand their knowledge, enhance their skills, and achieve academic success. By leveraging these resources effectively, students can supplement their classroom learning, explore new topics, and engage with educational content in innovative ways, ultimately enriching their academic experiences and preparing them for future success.